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Buying a gift can give a headache to any guy. The question is when, where and why buy a gift. If you buy a gift for your date for the first time you meet it doesn't mean that it buy you loves. Love is something genuine with an emotional thought. It isn't just something that money can buy. It true to say that a present or two does emphasize kindness but it does not play the major factor in winner your girl’s heart.

Before you buy a gift you should first know your lover well, so you can surprise her and show her some of your excellent in imagination. The littlest amount of imagination shows your thoughtfulness and kindness, as well as it shows you listen well to what she says.

After our research we have found the following are top dating gifts that you might like to consider when purchasing for your girl:

  • Buy a bunch of flowers, preferably fresh but not expensive
  • The perfume she likes
  • A hand picked card with the perfect message
  • A candle lit dinner at a romance restaurant
  • Theater or concert tickets
  • Paying for a small trip such as a weekend away at a retreat or at a resort
  • Her favorite book or novel
  • A CD sang by her favorite singer or group
  • A DVD of her favorite movie or music that she likes