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Are you are guy who knows how to date?


Are you a guy who hasn't dated for years?


Are you a guy who has never successfully dated women?

No matter which situation your fall under, the rules to dating are simply the same. That is, to protect your emotional state and to ensure even handed success when dating. These days’ women are highly trained from physical and emotional harm dating can bring. So guy must know the following to ensure you are equally the same:

  1. Look your best at all times – meaning decent clothes and shoes that suits you and in fashion.
  2. Have your hygiene and styling sorted out – get yourself a respectable hair cut and shave. Have a shower and put on some cologne so you smell nice and attractive.
  3. Getting yourself a job – if haven’t got a proper full-time job please get yourself one. No woman wants a lazy bastard.
  4. Upgrading your knowledge levels – be familiar and up to date with current affairs and current trends. Also be familiar with travel destinations, general history, artworks, and other topics of interest.
  5. Stay sober – if you want to win a princess’s heart don’t hang out at the local bar 7 days a week.