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Preparing to date can be both frustrating and exciting. The frustrating things are you don’t know how to start planning your date or what clothes you should wear for the occasion or even how to start the conversation. The exciting bit is that you are going to meet the girl of you dream for the first time and you don’t know where and what you would end up with your date by the end of the night.

By being prepared to date it means that you are making sure that you are mentally ready to meet someone new. Regardless of the outcome, you should also be prepared for rejection if the date does not go right.

Here are some tips on how to can mentally prepare yourself before your date:

  • Make sure you are:
    • over your last relationship
    • you want to have a relationship
    • prepared to be honest about your aims
    • emotionally ready
    • able to tell the truth
    • able to handle some rejection
    • being serious
    • looking your best
    • positive minded
  • Try not to compare new dates to your ex
  • Be prepared to take a fresh approach to dating

Remember that when you enter the dating scene it is all about have fun and enjoying yourself.